My name is Daniel Westermark, born in Sweden in 1963 and moved to Spain in 1974.  After playing on the European Tour and Challenge Tour between 1985- 2002, being Swedish, growing up in Spain, going to an English college and travelling around so much for all those years, I now speak English, Swedish, Spanish, French, Italian and some German too.

I started working as  teaching pro at El Paraiso Golf  Club, but continue playing on the Spanish Tour. I find it very enjoyable to share all I learnt all through those Touring years, where we would spend long days searching through the secrets of the swing, course management and building up a strong positive golfing mind.

Believe me when I say that I have seen an immense variety of golf swings striking the ball perfectly. I have also seen  good players having a bad day, but still finishing with an under par score thanks to very good course management and that positive golfing mind. I have stood over a putt many times  with that great feeling – this is going in! And so they did. But… other times…and it is all in the mind.

When it comes to the swing, my aim is to get you to swing the club as simply as possible, always keeping in mind your  elasticity, height, body structure etc. I do insist on golf players holding the club correctly and address the ball likewise.

Latest video analysing equipment will also be used where I think it would be helpful.