The 2 day golf school (4 hours tuition) 10.00-12.00.


Price 200€ – per person Group of 4

180 € per person. Group of 5

160 € per person. Group of 6-8

The 5 day course (10 hours tuition) 10.00-12.00

Price 460 € – per person. Group of 4

430 €- per person . Group of 5

400 €- per person. Group of 6-8

Note: The above golf schools are not available in August, due to Junior golf schools.

In detail the following will be included in the golf schools

Improve on your FULL swing mechanics

Alignment of body and clubface to target

How to warm up before the lesson

Review setup fundamentals


The “U” & “V” Swings

How the lie determines the shot to play

Fairway Woods

Using short, mid and long irons

A method for breaking old habits

A pro’s secrets to increased distance

Analysis of your equipment

Mastering the DRIVER

Greenside & fairway bunker shots

Pre-shot routine.  How to do it, & why should you have one at this level?

Chip & pitch using the “U or V” swings.  What to look for before you decide on the club to play.

Controlling the spins and trajectories of your ball flights, hitting higher, lower, draws, fades, intentional hooks and slices for appropriate dog legs.

Mastering ball flight, spins and trajectory

Video analyzing

Using high resolution, slow-motion video of your golf swing, you will see the comparison between you and a touring professional on the computer’s split screen feature. While drawing lines, circles and grids on the computer to isolate certain areas of your swing, I will show you how to build on your strengths and correct your weaknesses.