• Includes any of the following, and whatever you may wish to improve on.
  • Improve on your FULL swing mechanics
  • Alignment of body and clubface to target
  • How to warm up before the lesson
  • Review setup fundamentals
  • Chipping/pitching
  • The “U” & “V” Swings
  • How the lie determines the shot to play
  • Fairway Woods
  • Using short, mid and long irons
  • A method for breaking old habits
  • A pro’s secrets to increased distance
  • Analysis of your equipment
  • Mastering the DRIVER
  • Greenside & fairway bunker shots
  • Pre-shot routine.  How to do it, & why should you have one at this level?
  • Chip & pitch using the “U or V” swings.  What to look for before you decide on the club to play.
  • Controlling the spins and trajectories of your ball flights, hitting higher, lower, draws, fades, intentional hooks and slices for appropriate dog legs.


Now merging the effectiveness of video with the power of the most up-to-date Computerized Swing Analysis System. Using high resolution, slow-motion video of your golf swing, you will see the comparison between you and a touring professional on the computer’s split screen feature. While drawing lines, circles and grids on the computer to isolate certain areas of your swing, I will show you how to build on your strengths and c rect your weaknesses.

Tuition Prices:
Period1 Person2 People3 People4 People
25 mins40€50€N/AN/A
55 mins70€80€90€100€

Prices shown are for the period and not per person

Range balls not included (1€ 25 balls)


A great opportunity to have a professional assess your game. Acting as a player/caddie by showing the shots, reading the greens, checking alignments and being there to answer questions.

The Playing Lesson with the Pro is probably the most underutilized golf improvement program in this day and age.

Golfers do not seem to understand how they can benefit.

This learning technique goes back hundreds of years. It is how all golfers improved their skills, by watching the better players play, up close. Learning their thinking and shot making. Learning to play better happened on the course in the actual situation under the gun.

Players tend to not use this program for fear of embarrassment of playing bad in front of the pro. So they practice and practice to get real good so to impress the instructor. The playing lesson usually never comes about.

As a professional, sure we love to see golfers playing well, but the playing lesson will not be as great a benefit if you play your best game that day. Your worst game would be the best lesson. We need to see your trouble areas. That is why we are there.

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Excellent program for any level of player

On-course playing lessons:
 1 Person2 People3 People4 People
5 holes50€60€70€N/A
9 holes90€100€110€N/A

Prices shown are for the period and not per person

Green fee not included.