Learn the Correct Swing Gradually

I believe that the full golf swing is built on the mastery of 3 essential components – putting, chipping and pitching.

The swing is lengthened through a clearly defined Graduated Process.

After mastering a precise short putting motion you proceed to a medium length chipping motion, then a longer pitching motion until the certainty of the correct full swinging motion is built. The detail of these motions and a series of fundamental alignments is the essence of success and may be surprisingly different to what you are currently trying to do.

1) Putting builds the foundation of the correct use of the hands in the swing.

2) Chipping builds the #1 Alignment of the club shaft to the left arm through impact and follow through in the swing, and also the body connection to the hands in the swing.

3)Pitching builds the back swing and start down on the correct path to the ball plus correct follow through. Also the coordination of the body pivot to hand and arm action throughout the swing leading to the full swing development.

The Full Swing finally evolves from the building blocks learned in putting, chipping and pitching. Being a full swing and more body elements envolved, I here often take use of VIDEO ANALYSING to make sure body elements and club are in correct positions throughout the swing.

The natural tendency for anyone wanting to play golf is to start learning the full swing straight away. Unfortunately these natural tendencies usually cause incorrect motions that are often hard to overcome. When the desired results are not forthcoming, frustration sets in and so begins an endless search for fixes, tips and remedies without any real improvement. An incorrect pattern has already been established that is hard to break.

Mastering the full swing is not something achieved promptly, but extremely rewarding when succeeded.


Now merging the effectiveness of video with the power of the most up-to-date Computerized Swing Analysis System.

Using high resolution, slow-motion video of your golf swing, you will see the comparison between you and a touring professional on the computer’s split screen feature. While drawing lines, circles and grids on the computer to isolate certain areas of your swing, I will show you how to build on your strengths and correct your weaknesses.

There is MORE THAN ONE WAY to swing a golf club. Whether it be 1 Plane or 2 Plane golf swings. There is also more than one set of fundamentals. But there is only one moment during the swing that really counts – IMPACT ! We need to understand what it takes to create a consistent club to ball contact.

•Golfers must learn how to control the ball rather than have it control them. On purpose you need to be able to hit it high or hit it low, curve it left or curve it right, make it run or have it stop on a dime.

• People need to be taught according to their own individual LEARNING STYLES. This makes learning faster and more enjoyable. There are many different personalities, body shapes, sizes and strengths, all of which must be considered.

• Whatever your goal, I have a Golf Learning Program to suit your needs