Playing lessons with Daniel Westermark


A great opportunity to have a professional assess your game. Acting as a player/caddie by showing the shots, reading the greens, checking alignments and being there to answer questions.

The Playing Lesson with the Pro is probably the most underutilized golf improvement program in this day and age.

Golfers do not seem to understand how they can benefit.

This learning technique goes back hundreds of years. It is how all golfers improved their skills, by watching the better players play, up close. Learning their thinking and shot making. Learning to play better happened on the course in the actual situation under the gun.

Players tend to not use this program for fear of embarrassment of playing bad in front of the pro. So they practice and practice to get real good so to impress the instructor. The playing lesson usually never comes about.

As a professional, sure we love to see golfers playing well, but the playing lesson will not be as great a benefit if you play your best game that day. Your worst game would be the best lesson. We need to see your trouble areas. That is why we are there.

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