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  • Tip of the month

    Tip of the month

    This month we are going to look at what I would consider the most important factor in golf, the GRIP. I will refer when I explain the grip to a right handed player. To explain the grip in words is quite confusing, so what I am going to do is use pictures and explain each […]

  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events

    There is MORE THAN ONE WAY to swing a golf club. Whether it be 1 Plane or 2 Plane golf swings. There is also more than one set of fundamentals. But there is only one moment during the swing that really counts – IMPACT ! We need to understand what it takes to create a […]

  • Junior Golf School in Marbella

    Junior Golf School in Marbella

    In detail the following will be included in the golf schools Improve on your FULL swing mechanics Alignment of body and clubface to target How to warm up before the lesson Review setup fundamentals Chipping/pitching The “U” & “V” Swings How the lie determines the shot to play Fairway Woods Using short, mid and long […]

  • Playing lessons with Daniel Westermark

    Playing lessons with Daniel Westermark

    PLAYING WITH THE PRO A great opportunity to have a professional assess your game. Acting as a player/caddie by showing the shots, reading the greens, checking alignments and being there to answer questions. The Playing Lesson with the Pro is probably the most underutilized golf improvement program in this day and age. Golfers do not […]